Learning Technology Partners

Learning Crafters partners with several learning technology companies to provide the best possible solutions to its customers. Our partners come from very different niches, but one things is common for all of them: they are true, vetted technology leaders within their own niche. Within their own respective fields, these partners provide great contributions to the learning and development field, while staying true to the Learning Crafters philosophy of enabling better learning. For ideas and use cases for these learning technologies, have a look at our Learning Ideas. 

Mobie is one of the clear cut technology leaders in the digital learning space. Their next generation learning environment was one of the first - and to date still few - globally to be built on the TinCan/xAPI interface. The Mobie eSmart encompasses a whole suite of features, such as integrated interactive content authoring, advanced analytics, integrated video chats, social learning and gamification. Such comprehensive level of integration of different features makes Mobie a true next generation learning platform.

Vyond is a leading global animation software provider. Their web based tools enable seamless, easy and rapid creation of many different kinds of animations. Learning professionals have quickly grown to appreciate  GoAnimate's library of characters, templates, sound and voice possibilities, as well as the intuitive drag-and-drop builder. No coding skills required to produce high quality learning animations.

iSpring is a US-based eLearning vendor, providing tools for transforming traditional powerpoint presentations into interactive experiences and learning simulations. With HTML5 and xAPI compatibility, their tools are helping us to move into the next generation of eLearning. Furthermore, we particularly like their TalkMaster feature, which enables creating interactive and immersive simulations. On their web shop, you may use the coupon code LEARN-ING-CRAFTERS to get a 10% discount on your purchases.