Custom Digital Learning Content

A major hurdle in implementing mobile and digital learning initiatives is the lack of content designed for digital platforms. When going digital and mobile, interactivity is a fundamental factor in fostering learner engagement. Traditional content formats like documents, presentations and pdf-files have absolutely no interactivity.

We help our clients in their learning transformation by rethinking and crafting their existing learning content to the level of interactivity required today. We accomplish this with our toolbox of content tools and the help of our strong network of partners. Our content is always built to work for all devices. We utilise interactive content, such as animations, simulations, interactive storylines and augmented reality to ensure your message gets across.

L&D Digital Transformation

Are you looking to implement digital learning but not quite sure where to start? Do you have a training project that requires delivering content online? We help organisations of all sizes to figure out the right digital and mobile learning strategy that fits their goals, requirements and limitations. Our agile approach ensures that we can develop solutions at the speed of your business. You don’t need to worry about missing opportunities due to long lead-times.

We leverage our extensive knowledge of different tools, platforms and industry players to help you craft a digital learning strategy fitted to your organisation. Whether it’s a bootstrap project or a large software implementation, we are ready to work with you. We partner with only a large number of learning technology companies, each with their unique value propositions. This helps us to find the right tools for delivering next generation digital learning experiences for your organisation.