Custom Digital Learning Content

A major hurdle in implementing mobile and digital learning initiatives is the lack of quality content designed for digital platforms. When going digital and mobile, interactivity is a fundamental factor in fostering learner engagement. Traditional content formats like documents, presentations and pdf-files have little interactivity and simply reusing old classroom content rarely works. Rather, we have to design digital learning experiences in a holistic manner. 

Our team designs learning experiences for corporate organisations. We work intensively with not only subject matter experts and management, but also the employees and ultimate end users of the learning. We combine strong evidence-based pedagogical methods and service design practices to provide learning that works for everyone involved. Whether you’re looking for fully digital learning experiences, or mixed delivery like blended learning or flipped learning, our design practice can deliver efficiency and efficacy.

Learning Technology Implementations

Are you looking to implement digital learning solutions but not quite sure where to start? Do you have a training project that requires delivering content online? We help organisations of all sizes to figure out the right digital and mobile learning strategy that fits their goals, requirements and limitations. Our agile approach ensures that we can tackle problems at the speed of your business. You don't need to worry about missing opportunities due to long lead-times. 

We help organisations to successfully implement various kinds of learning technologies. While we are completely technology agnostic, our strong knowledge of the market and solutions available enable us to also advice on learning technology selection. We do intensive research within our client organisations, especially among the employees, to ensure that the new ways of learning at the workplace are meaningful and contribute to the business.

Organizational Learning Advisory

We help organizations develop digitally enabled learning strategies and good design practices. Our consulting projects generally involve deep discovery, co-creation workshops, coaching internal teams and stakeholders. Our aim is to develop the client organisation’s internal capabilities and practices and enable them to deliver great learning experiences for the long term.

Organisations who work with us value our objective advice and insights. We don’t push agendas to sell any particular products or services. We do a lot of knowledge sharing, leveraging our strong background in pedagogy and workplace learning in multiple contexts. The core theme of our work is educational value. We are in the business to create better education, and believe that we can deliver better business outcomes by facilitating better learning outcomes.