3 Tips for Improving eLearning Engagement

One of the most important aspects of successful digital learning delivery is eLearning engagement. Without engagement, our learners are not staying focused and often resort to just skimming content rather than “deep-reading”. This naturally results in low learning retention figures, which means you’re wasting your resources. To avoid that, you need to increase your elearning engagement. Here are 3 tips for creating engaging learning experiences.

1. Use interactive content

Interactivity is important in retaining your learners’ attention and focus. Interactivity requires pop up questions, info nuggets, links, multimedia – all sorts of objects to click on – embedded onto your learning material. Powerpoint presentations, pdf-files and documents have absolutely no interactivity. Even traditional video is starting to be challenging in certain situations. Instead, you should be using interactive videos, animations, interactive assignments, social media tools and gamified content, just to name a few.

2. Implement instant gratification for learning Рthat is what your learners want

In the era of social media and constant connectivity, we’ve become addicted to instant gratification. Notifications when someone reads your message; instant, real time scoreboards when playing games and likes on Facebook are just a few examples of this. People grow easily frustrated when they don’t receive immediate feedback. By giving immediate feedback, you are actually guiding them to learn more, as gratification helps with motivation.

To implement instant gratification in your learning, make sure you’re doing at least the following:

  • Always provide learners with scores and verbal feedback immediately upon completion of e.g. quizzes or assessments. This is easily done with technology. Your learning system should enable you to very carefully tailor pre-configured feedback for every possible outcome. If it doesn’t, it’s time to upgrade your system.
  • Enable “liking” in your internal social media.¬†It is likely that you’re not using Facebook for learning, but the idea of liking/up-voting/giving kudos can be easily replicated in other platforms as well. Your learners can actually get recognition for their contributions from their colleagues and peers, which motivates them to keep it going.

3. Provide personalised learning opportunities

If you’re pushing one-size-fits-all, globally uniform learning to all your employees, you are likely losing a lot on engagement. For people to really engage with your content, it needs to be relevant to their roles, positions, job functions, career development, personal lives, or any mix thereof. The content also needs to suit their learning styles and be of appropriate difficulty. Both too difficult and too easy content disengages your learners.

Technology can help a lot. Advanced systems are able to assign users to different learning paths based on their perceived skill level, experience, job function, location etc. In the future, artificial intelligence (AI) will be a major factor in providing personalised experienced, and leading vendors are already implementing it. E-learning and digital platforms also enable you to cater to multiple learning styles all at once – it is just a matter of content development.

Interested what kind of engagement tactics might fit your learning strategy the best? Drop us a note, and we’ll be happy to provide you with ideas tailored to your organisation.

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